This page will contain the reviews which Sorg have recieved from Zines.
All reviews have been translated into English if being in any other language.

Issue # 21 (March / April 1997)

Demo Reviewed: Mina Drömmars Dal (1996)

"We don’t play black metal!". Ok then Sorg, you don’t play black metal but that is always a question of definition, but scream vocals, pretty sharp black metal riffs and anti-christian messages at least get me to think about black metal. But if being catagorized feels wrong for you, then we’ll forget about it. (Unfortunately sometimes needed when you have to listen to 35-40 demos each 2 or 3 months.)

For being a demo in hardrock’s more aggressive school, "Mina Drömmars Dal" is fully approved. I’m forced to confess that the title song does get stuck in my mind and I end up walking around the kitchen like an idiot, humming the tunes to myself.

Maybe it also should be mentioned that the demo is recorded at Thunderload Studios with a little different sound than the usual demos. For 30 krs the black... hardrock interested can get a piece of pure Stockholm brutality.

Issue # 29 (July / August 1998)

Demo Reviewed: Devastated Light (1997)

Stockholm based Sorg has appeared in your favourite magazine earlier and once again win this issue’s prize for the most unreadable logo. The new demo is titled "Devastated Light" and includes five songs. What this is about is black metal, and quite nice black metal actually. Competently composed with just the right amount of brutality and melodies. Extra fun are the eighties metal screams that pop up here and there. Sorg really stands out from the rest of the melodic black metal acts. Available for 30 krs.

Issue # 31 (January / February 1999)

Demo Reviewed: Demo III (1998)

A couple of guys who appear for the third time is Sigtuna / Stockholm’s Sorg. Their intelligently titled third release "Demo III" shows a little different sound than earlier. There seems to be a decrease in the black metal style and a increase to a more Slayer / Kreator styled thrash. A very clear improvement in my opinion. Over all, the majority has improved since before, but the logo is still unreadable. The singing is more brutal, the playing synchronicity has increased, and the song material is stronger. Aggressive and cool - I dig this. Bring forth the air guitars, its time to thrash! Available for 20 krs.

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