April 13, 2002

  • Biography Page has been updated to the year 2002. The page also shows the line-up of SORG and the years the members were part of the band.

  • News:
    Viktor did start a broup called BRAIN DAMAGE and they just released their "Demo 2002" in January 2002. The music is sort of Nu-Metal, with a mixture of Thrash/Death, Rap, and Regge. (Not quite my thing, but hey!)

    February 27, 2001

  • Links Page has been given a nicer look. I also removed and added some links.
  • Pictures Page has been updated with a new picture.

    Around December 2000 I met Petter "Karl" Rosqvist, the original Sorg drummer. I found out that he now plays drums in the (American?) heavy metal band STEEL PROPHET. A link to Steel Prophet's website has been added. Also a picture of Steel Prophet including Petter "Karl" Rosqvist was added to "Pictures". Possibly in the near future I might update the Sorg Biography. Maybe I'll also have a more extensive Bio on the members themselves and what they are up to now. Once again I need to point out that Sorg are not a active band anymore, thus this website is not updated that often.

    July 17, 2000

  • Picture Page with an old band photo of Sorg from 1996.
  • Reviews Page with images of the review's zine.
  • Consert Page with some images of gig posters/flyers.

    I just recently got a scanner and took some time to scan in a few images. Possibly more will be added in the future. You can also expect some Lyrics to be added in the future. The main page was alo freshed up a bit, including the small picture of Viktor. Updates on this page will occur from time to time, when I have time. The band Sorg is not active at the moment so there is no hurry. This page serves as a informative tribute to Sorg and their days in the Swedish metal underground.

    February 20, 2000

    The webmaster is back.
    Yes, its been a while since I updated the Sorg Website. The reasons are many but main reason must be that the Sorg project was put aside for some time and therefore I had nothing new to report. Recently I have talked to some of the band members about the future of Sorg and about doing something with this homepage again. So without further due, I bring you the following news:

    Ground Breaking News:
    The band that has been known as SORG has now come to an end (R.I.P.) as they now prepare to start off a new band. The reasons for this are many:
  • Sorg have experienced big troubles with their line-up.
  • The musical direction has changed.
  • They feel they need a new name and new logo, to go with the musical changes.

    From the beginning to the end... to a new beginning.
    I guess we can see the "old" Sorg as a black/death metal band. The first 2 demos displayed this style of music with the dark atmosphere of the music and lyrics. The band also maintained the origianal line-up duringthis time. The 3rd demo was where the changes starting coming. They had a new drummer and Viktor played the bass himself. Now the music was more straight forward agressive and brutal. Basically more death & thrash metal and less black metal. Now that the music and lyrics had changed, the band didn't feel the name Sorg was right for them any longer. (Sorg meaning grief in Swedish.) They wanted something more brutal and less asociated with the darkness and melancholy of black metal. The same goes for the logo. It was time for a fresh start with a new line-up for the new music. A new band is born from the ashes of Sorg. At the moment the suggested name for the new project, according to Viktor is "Brain Damaged".

    What is to become of this page now then?
    This page will keep posting all news on the new band (Brain Damaged) until a new homepage is created and will take over completely for the new band. Then this site will serve as a tribute to the band formerly known as Sorg. This page will have ALL the info and history of SORG: The band with the most unreadable logo in the world. (Hehe) If I am going to be the webmaster of the new page, is yet unknown. I have many other pages to take care of and I'll have to see with the band members themselves in the future, when things get cooking.

    The future to come.
    I once spoke to Viktor about if he would ever want to play the "old" style of music that Sorg once did. He told me that maybe one day he could think himself re-building the band to play that type of music. At the moment there is NO intrest and NO plans to do such a thing. Now the plans are focused on "Brain Damaged" which will play fast and brutal thrash/death metal. Both Viktor and Rickard, who are original members/leaders of Sorg, will be working together on the new project. At this moment the bass and drummer of the band is not known. More news on "Brain Damaged" when I get it.

    Brutal drummer wanted!
    Thats right, if you play drums and consider yourself to be fast and good, and enjoy playing brutal thrash/death metal, then please contact the band. Contact in availavle on the "Contact" page.

    Thats all the news for now. Anything happens and I'll post it here. Meanwhile in the future you can expect this page to get a cleaner or nicer look to it. I will fill in all lyrics, consert dates, history, pictures, and make this a informative page on the band called Sorg. If a new page is created for "Brain Damaged", there will be a link from here to the new page. Thanks you, and good night!

    //Christ (aka. Anti-Christ Carlsson) SORG MANAGER & WEBMASTER

    August 8, 1999

    Updated "Link Page" and "Pictures Page".

    Not too much has been updated but I added some more links to the page and a picture of Viktor for the "Pictures Page". More pictures are on the way but I need my scanner! Anyway, the entire page moght change it's look soon enough too. Right now the page is simple and informative, but not too nice or fancy looking. Stay tuned...

    August 1, 1999

    Added some "links" and news.

    Sorg are planning on playing a few gigs soon. Nothing has been confirmed yet but 2 gigs are being planned right now. One could take place towards the end of September with bands like Arise and Arch Enemy. More news to come.

    Viktor's other group Månegarm are finishing the recording of their 2nd album now and it should be out soon. For more info on Månegarm check out their page on our "Links" page.

    May 31, 1999

    The line-up has changed again, thus so has the Biography.

    Nicke Karlsson, who just weeks ago joined Sorg on drums, has been fired! Micke Nyholm (Ad Infinitum) is now back with a vengeance! The problem was that Nicke is too much of a lazy ass (Heard that one before, eh?), and wouldn't dedicate himself at all to Sorg. Since he never bothered to show up for practice, nor the day the band was going to record their new material, he just had to go. Sorg then asked Micke Nyholm if he was interested in returning to Sorg and he was.

    Now the band plans on pushing up their recording date so that Micke has the time to fully learn the new material. In about 2 to 4 weeks from now, the band hopes to start recording again. As mentioned before, the new material is mainly for the labels but will be available to those interested. More on the new release later.

    May 13, 1999

    The Sorg Biography is complete & more news on line-up.

    The latest news I got on the new Sorg line-up is that the ex-guitarist of Soils Of Fate, Henke "Trevor" Kolbjer will most likely be playing bass. It seems the line-up is finally complete. If I hear of any changes or anything new, it'll be right here.

    Sorg are also getting ready to record some new material very soon. This will be the beggining of a new chapter as Sorg will basically become a new band with new members, new songs, and a new name and logo. This new material should be considered a promo or maybe it will be the first demo of the new band.

    April 18, 1999

    A more updated version of news is here:

    As some of you might be aware, the Sorg project has been having some trouble with the line-up. In 1998, Petter Rosqvist the drummer left Sorg to go to some music school in the US. Olle Bodin, the bass player left too, lacking interest and being too busy. Since then Sorg recorded "Demo III" with the drummer of "Ad Infinitum" called Mikke Nyholm. It was later thaught that Mikke would stay in Sorg but that changed. Viktor played the bass on the demo.

    The latest news so far on Sorg is that the new drummer might be the ex-drummer of Soils Of Fate, Nicke Karlsson. As for a bass player, nothing is 100% sure yet, but there are some ideas. Once the line-up is complete again, Sorg will try to play a few gigs but will also be recording some new material.

    This brings me to the BIG news. I've spoken with Viktor from Sorg lately and there are talks of changing the name of the band, and the famous unreadable logo. The idea came up after Sorg changed their musical direction from Black/Death Metal to a more Death/Thrash style. Basically there will be a new band, since the line-up is different, and a new name and logo, to go along with the new musical direction of Sorg. This will mark the end of one chapter and the beggining of a new one.

    The Sorg homepage will be finished with pictures soon enough. Even if the chapter of Sorg ends, this page will still exist with full info on Sorg and the history. In the future when the new band is established, you'll find the new band's page from here, since most likely I'll make the new page too. Meanwhile stay tuned to the Sorg Website for info on Sorg and the new band evolving from Sorg. You'll also have to excuse the big delays, I'm very lazy. Maybe things will run smoother now with my new computer and the scanner which I'm soon getting. Thats all for now.

    /Anti-Christ Carlsson (Sorg manager)

    January 7, 1999

    Added three demo reviews in the Reviews page.

    The development of the Sorg Homepage has been a slow one but surely it will be completed and then constantly updated. More to come very soon.

    Viktor Hemgren has very recently returned to Sweden from the States. Sorg are aiming to re-establishing the band with the new members and start practising for some conserts which they hope to be playing sometime early this year through summer. More info coming soon on the current line up of Sorg.

    September 27, 1998

    Viktor Hemgren from Sorg will be in the USA for about three months, attending some music school. He will return in late December 1998 and get things going with Sorg again, including some gigs for early ´99. The former drummer of Sorg, Petter Rosqvist is also currently stationed in the US in the very same music school. That was the original reason for him leaving the band. Unlike Viktor, Petter will be there for a much longer time.

    As some people know, Sorg have a new line up. The drummer Petter went to the US for a long time. The replacement drummer has been Mikke Nyholm from the band Ad Infinitum. Its not known yet if Mikke will stay on as a full members of Sorg, but that is up to him.

    Also the bassist of Sorg, Olle Bodin, has left the band to focus on his other side project, Out Of Hand, which plays Doom Metal. It was aid that he did not have time for both bands, plus that he has been busy with serving in the army. Therefore he left and Viktor played the bass himself on the latest demo. The new bassist will be announced as soon as everything is 100% confirmed.

    Sorg have released their thrid demo which goes under the simple title of "Demo III". Three new songs have been recorded with the best sound quality so far. Also the new musical direction of the band has changed from "Black/Death Heavy Metal" to "Thrash/Death Metal". It should be available everywhere soon. For the remainer of the year, Sorg will launch a full propaganda campaign for their latest release, lead by the Sorg Manager: Anti-Christ Carlsson (me), and Rickard Dahlin. All this while Viktor Hemgren leaves to the USA for the remainder of the year. (As stated above.) Expect some Sorg gigs early next year.

    As some might have noticed, the Sorg homepage changed its address very recently. This was due to the fact that the old homepage was destroyed by people who didn't approve of it. Well, this is the new page and its here to stay.

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